Northwest Baptist Church supports missionaries in many countries, and church planters in the United States:

Jeff and Connie Benner
Church Planters in Surprise, Arizona
Oasis Baptist Church Web Site

Emmanuel and Virginia Bozzi

Evangelism and Disciplemaking in Paris, France
Emmanuel’s Facebook page
parisourmission.com - Society for Europe’s Evangelism (in English)
Emannuel’s Web Page (in French)

Walter and Sharon Bush
Missionaries in Honduras, Central America
Baptist Mid-Missions page abouti Honduras

Steve and Joanne Carter
Church Planters in Colorado.
Mountain Shadows Baptist Church

Vladimir Okhotin
Russian Evangelistic Ministries
Web site for Russian Evangelistic Ministries, Inc..

Tom and Linda Ruhkala

Missionaries in Finland and Russia.
International Baptist Church, Tampere, Finland

Dan and Peggy Whitcher

North America Church Planting
Dan and Peggy’s Webpage

Eric and Beth Yodis

Missionaries in Eastern Ukraine
Eric and Beth’s Webpage
Eric’s Facebook page

Creation Research Society
Creation science research at the Van Andel Center in Chino Valley, Arizona
Van Andel Center Webpage

Compassionate Counselors
Nouthetic Counselors serving the Phoenix, Arizona area.
Compassionate Counselors web site

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